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The Invocation of Satan, Josef Váchal, 1909.

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That post about nonbinary people actually made my night

Do you know how many people have seen me in a skirt/dress (both of which make up a large portion of my closet) only to say “oh, uh… I didn’t expect you to dress like that” and follow it up with an explanation of how they thought I’d be wearing mens’ dress shirts and pants because I’m androgynous

Mens’ dress pants and pants are cool, but I like skirts. I like makeup and high heels and other things that are not only considered typically “feminine,” but indicators that I’m a “fake.” The fact that I am easily read as female a lot of the time does not make me female, and I deserve to be respected for it

The idea that all androgynous individuals have to fit under an umbrella of masculinity gives me a lot of unneeded anxiety because, as a nonbinary individual, I already worry enough that I’m not going to be taken seriously

Also it very strongly enforces that masculine is the “default” or “ideal” way to be lmao :)