If any of my followers who just signed up for FR want babies, I have three \o/


Happy Easter! Here is my picture of the Mystical Resurrection Beetle that enabled the Alien Messiah to ascend to the Six Hundred and Sixty Sixth Multiversal Coil.

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skip part 1 and 2 of jojo’s bizarre adventure and you are missing out on something potentially life changing

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I know that several of you get a really big kick out of people misspelling my name, so



Easter Monster Greta x 4 (by pyza*)

Pappi came in and said “I just had a drastic accident”

I said “what?”

"I didn’t tell you because I didn’t want you to freak out"


"I just glued my fake eyelashes to my eyeball"


Antique Exploded Skull. Ryan Matthew’s Collection. Photo by Sergio Royzen.